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  • Are your dyes natural?
    I use acid dyes from reputable companies in a vinegar bath to retain color better. The vinegar in combination with these dyes is non-toxic which is important for the health of our farm. A minute amount (1/16th tsp) is used to dye a complete skein of yarn.
  • Is your wool organic?
    Our farm doesn not have an organic certification, but all of our wool is natural. Our sheep are grass-fed with no pesticides and have free range of our pastures.
  • How do you process your wool?
    Post shearing fleeces are hand picked clean. We ship our cleaned fleeces to a mill to be washed and made into roving. Some of the wool we send may be made into mill spun yarn, the rest comes home for me to hand spin or felt.
  • Are your knit products really "hand knit"?"
    Yes, I hand knit all my products myself, with two needles, sometimes more. These products are made with my own two hands.
  • Are your sheep registered?
    Yes, most of them are. We really focus on breeding for quality wool. So some of our sheep have been cross-bred to produce a unique wool for handspinners, and felters. These lambs may not be registered.
  • Do you sell a started flock?
    Yes, we can provide well bred ewes, rams and lambs to those wanted to produce and enjoy their own flock. Contact us for details.
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